torsdag 14. februar 2008

Now I have finished my first project... and started 3 more! I feel myself getting dragged in, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. But then again; why should i? Here is a little picture of the first thing I ever crocheted, and I must say I am a bit proud, cause there was no pattern involved, this was all me.

tirsdag 12. februar 2008


Wow! My first socks are finished, and I feel great! Especial since I have been wanting to start a new project. And this weekend, I was at a Taizè retreat, and got a pattern for pocketslippers(this is translation fro Norwegian, so...). But they are so cute! And only take a couple of hours to make. I am going to post it's picture when their finished, but of course I had to start another project at the same time, and I have to knit for a sockswap, so...

tirsdag 5. februar 2008


Yaiks... I have the knitting flue! I have been feeling it for some years now, but it was the last push from a friend that made it go bananas. I have always been knitting, but now I am working on my first project that actually has a pattern. I'm pretty proud, it's my first socks ever, and the heel turned out great. These particular ones are for my mom, seeing as the turned out a tad small, but I followed the number of stiches in the pattern. Not a good idea.
I have joined some swap groups at ravelry, and I think I maybe have taken on a bit to much. Today I am buying yarn for the hogwarts sock swap, and I am really looking forward to getting started. I love to make stuff for other people. And I can't wait to get a package my self:D
Yesterday I bought yarn for another swap, but suddenly realized how expensive yarn is, and had to shrink the project with 8 skeins, so I suddenly has a lot of extra yarn (like I didn't before;))
So now I am practically broke due to yarn(and like I haven't been that before).

But now I have to go to school....

søndag 3. februar 2008

Swap wishing list

Well, this is for a swaper out there, don't know who you are, but here is my wishing list:

I am both a knitter and a crocheter and embroidering too, at the moment it's most of the first and the last.
I love to make: a lot, but a really Complicated embroidering.
I really want to make a poncho/sweatery thing
My favorite yarns are with multible colors and a little wool in it.(but not pure wool, a mix)
My wish pattern is a skirt maybe, or at nice top, I'm a tunika gal.
My favorite hooks or needles are: No idea. Only tried two different; wood and steel
I really wish I had some patterns, I have none
My favorite colors are eartly ones, dark green and brown and red
My hobbies: I read, write, knit, embroderi, movies, training.
My kitchen theme and colors are non excisting, I live in a doormatry
My bathroom theme and colors as the one above
My dislikes: of yarn: pure cotton, colors: baby pink and baby blue
My crafts..what I like....
My allergies: Pure wool, incense, smelling oils
My favorite pets: dogs, cats, horses
My favorite scents: Hmm, I don't think I have any
My favorite novels or magazines, Stephen king books, The count of monte christo, harry potter, fantasy of most kinds
Other stuff about me: I'm 22 and a student. If theres more you want to know, just ask me, Babelfish on ravelry

lørdag 2. februar 2008

Needles to up my...

I just inherited a sowing table from my dear grandmother. I was looking forward, I knew there was a lot of stuff in there that I would get to. And now I have finaly gone through it all. 73 needle. And the majority is circular ones. Witch I don't use...

Well, here we go

I am a pretty new one to ravelry, but I am loving it. I am soon doing my first swap, and, well, I am super exited. Although I'm broke...